Business Consulting to Innovators

I provide Financial and Strategic Consulting to entrepreneurs on different stages of business growth. Whether you wait for your first pitch session or plan to hire sales staff, I'll go into details of your product and prepare it for the next step.

Market assessment

Competitors analysis

Customers research

Financial models

Organizational structure

Staff onboarding

How many people need your product? What revenue could you have after becoming the leader of the market? These are significant questions when it goes about financial prospects and investments. After the market research you will have a reliable instrument to prove commercial potential of your business and to plan strategy.
Who are your competitors? How do they generate profit and attract clients? What features? Modern markets are highly competitive and business should be aware of its surrounding to survive and operate successfully. Analysis will show strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors and allow you to find points of multiple growth.
What do your customers need? What are they ready to pay for? Looking for these answers is like searching for philosopher's stone. The first step is to formulate correct questions to your target audience. I prepare efficient surveys scenarios and advise companies to get involved in direct communication with customers themselves.
How to hire professional and motivated staff? What to do to engage employees in company's goals? Tests and interview scenarios can help you to estimate candidate level. Onboarding tracks and educational materials allow to onboard new employees faster. Correct KPI developing and scenarios of personal growth let you maintain motivation.
How to organize work when the company includes more than several founders? The correct organization of structure, functions for all positions and transparent processes of cross-communication among different departments and employees will allow to achieve high productivity and healthy atmosphere.
When will your business become profitable? How to scale revenue? What metrics to concentrate on? How much money do you need? Forecast of P&L, CF, Unit Economics is obligatory for businesses on all stages. My approach is to make flexible models based both on general and specific metrics which matter for your product.

How It Works
Free 15 minutes conversation
You give me a short description of your product and needs. I tell you more about my methods of work.
Service set for your business
We determine what services I provide you, how the result looks like and deadlines.
Work in progress
I develop individual documents for you, explain how to use it and provide personal online consultations.
Results implementation
You use the results to achieve your business goals. You can reach me anytime for follow up supervision.

You may reach me at: