Startup Packaging for Fund Raising

A comprehensive package tailored for early-stage startups aiming to prepare robust economic justifications for their products. Ideal for attracting investments, gaining entry into international incubators, and obtaining startup visas.
Market Assessment
We conduct a comprehensive market analysis to evaluate the commercial potential of your product and scalability opportunities.
Financial Model
We strategize the path to break-even and determine the funding size needed, ensuring a thorough financial plan.
Pitch Deck
We craft compelling materials that address investor questions and effectively 'sell' your startup idea.

To transform a prototype or MVP into a functioning business with real profit and capitalization, a solid economic justification for the startup is essential. Market assessment and a financial model will enable you to grasp the commercial potential of the product, guiding your next steps in project development—whether it's securing investments, initiating monetization, or relocating through a startup visa.

Basic Package
Materials that empower you to engage with investors confidently, precisely understanding the funding required and the results you aim to achieve.
Market Research
A comprehensive market analysis enables the assessment of market size and the establishment of quantitative goals for the startup. It involves studying competitors and formulating a competitive advantage, including audience segmentation, trend analysis, market size evaluation, and understanding potential customers.
Financial Model
The financial model allows for the assessment of the company's future profitability under the chosen business model, the timeline to break-even, and the required external funding. The model aligns with the roadmap of your project and the market size you plan to capture.
Includes: detailed calculation of various revenue streams, profit and loss, and cash flow analysis (P&L and Cash Flow), as well as unit economics calculation.
Pitch Deck
A versatile presentation of your startup that communicates the project in a concise and visually appealing format. It includes slides on the product, market and competition, business model, and the startup's development plans.
Additional Services
A deep dive into your project, customizing materials for specific partners and various stages of development.
Business Plan
While a detailed traditional business plan may not always be necessary, if it aligns with your objectives, we can prepare one for you.
Material Adaptation
Different funding applications often require nuanced emphasis, expanding certain sections of the presentation while condensing others. We navigate online forms or templates, responding to queries for additional documents, adapting information about your startup for each unique case.
Presentation Skills Training
Prior to meetings with potential investors, partners, and due diligence, we'll coach you in effectively presenting your project. We'll ask probing questions and assess the robustness of your arguments, ensuring that you enter real meetings with confidence.
Investor and Program Matchmaking
We'll assist in identifying incubator and accelerator programs, startup visas, and potential investors tailored to your industry and growth stage, meeting your specific needs.
Pricing and Process
The cost of the package depends on the current readiness level of the startup and the final set of services.
For early-stage startups, we split the payment into two parts: an initial payment at the beginning of the work and the final payment upon your achievement of results, such as securing investments, startup visas, etc.
First Consultation
During the initial free consultation, we identify the specific needs of your startup and shape a customized service package.
Material Development
Upon payment of 25% of the total cost of the individual package, we proceed to develop the necessary materials.
Negotiations with Investors
You take the lead in communicating with potential investors, partners, and incubators with our guidance.
Achieving Results
Upon successfully securing funding, receiving an incubator invitation, or obtaining a startup visa, you settle the remaining 75% of the package cost.

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